Get the Latest Genetics, Increased Yields, Improved Standability, Disease Resistance and Pest Tolerance

In farming, innovation is critical to staying ahead. That’s why Canadian Certified seed is the smart choice for farmers and end-users who want to be competitive and sustainable in today’s ever-changing agricultural landscape.

Certified seed provides access to the latest and most innovative crop genetics, resulting in improved yields, standability, disease resistance, and drought, pest and herbicide tolerance. But that’s not all. By choosing Canadian Certified Seed, you are supporting ongoing plant breeding research and development, ensuring that we’ll continue to have access to the most advanced genetics in the future.

With third-party oversight and certification by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), you can be confident that you’re getting consistent, high-quality seed that meets the strictest standards. 

The Canadian seed sector has spent decades developing and testing new varieties to ensure they thrive on your farm and across Canada’s diverse agricultural regions. 

Certified seed is produced by farmers for farmers, and these growers take great pride in what they do. They live among their customers and intimately understand their needs. In fact, their relationships with their customers are built on trust, and they offer varieties they trust will deliver the performance and characteristics their customers demand.  

With the latest technology, you can trust that Certified seed will help you achieve the highest yields possible while minimizing risk and input costs.

Choose Canadian Certified seed and experience greater efficiencies, higher yields, and improved sustainability – while supporting the future of plant breeding research in Canada.

Why wait? #ChooseCertifiedSeed and experience the benefits of the most advanced genetics available today.