Top Quality

Top Quality


Build On a Foundation of Success

Quality seed is the foundation of quality crops and food. That’s why farmers and end-users across Canada and around the globe rely on Canadian Certified seed. It’s the highest quality, most consistent and identity-assured seed available, delivering predictable, third-party quality assurance from farm to fork.

When you start with Canadian Certified seed, you’re building on a foundation of success. Certified seed is grown under a robust quality assurance program managed by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that follows strict federally regulated requirements that include standards for germination, mechanical impurities (like weeds and other crops) and, most importantly, varietal identity and purity. 

The CFIA oversees the entire seed certification system, and if all criteria are met, the seed is eligible for the official Government of Canada’s Blue Certified Seed Tag. This reassures farmers of their seed purchase value and ensures that all Canadian producers of forage, grain, oilseed or pulse crops start with the best seed. 

You’re choosing a product grown by seed growers in your community who understand the critical importance of delivering a consistent, top-quality product

When you #ChooseCertifiedSeed, you’re choosing seed that is identity-assured, third-party verified, and of the highest quality. You’re also getting the newest and best genetics bred for success using the latest research and development. Plus, you’re getting impurity risk management built into every step of the Certified seed production process. 

Whether you’re preparing for the next growing season, bringing new genetics onto your farm, or building an Identify Preserved (IP) food ingredient program, #ChooseCertifiedSeed and look for the Blue Certified Seed Tag – a mark of trust and excellence from the Canadian seed sector.

Join the many farmers who trust Canadian Certified seed to provide consistent, high-quality crops every year.

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