Fully Traceable from Field to Fork

As a farmer or end-user, you understand the importance of meeting consumer demand for traceability and quality assurance. With Canadian Certified seed, you can confidently provide these assurances to your customers, knowing that Certified seed is fully traceable from field to fork.

When you choose Canadian Certified seed, not only can you be certain about the quality and characteristics of your seed, but you can also be certain about its traceability.

To meet Canada’s rigorous certification requirements, all Certified seed has complete documentation and record keeping, providing complete traceability from your Certified seed back to the original Breeder seed.

This means you can trust that your chosen variety’s unique traits and quality characteristics are maintained from when the crop is planted to when it is harvested, transported, handled, processed, and shipped. This traceability gives farmers, processors, retailers, and end-users more confidence in their products, more marketing opportunities, and quality assurance every step of the way.

When you #ChooseCertifiedSeed, you get traceability and assurance that your seed is certified by CSGA and the CFIA. This official certification assures that the seed meets the highest standards for purity, germination, and varietal identity.

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    Hear from Canadian farmers and learn why they choose Certified Seed for their farms.