Pure and Clean, With Nothing to Hide

When it comes to planting a successful crop, selecting the right seed is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. That’s why you need seed that you can trust.

Canadian Certified seed is the clear choice if you want to have complete confidence in your seed's quality, purity, and identity.

Its official certification is your proof that the seed meets Canada’s requirements for pure and clean seed. Ask for the Blue Certified Seed Tag when purchasing seed. 

Certified seed is produced by farmers for farmers, and these growers take great pride in what they do. They live among their customers and intimately understand their needs. In fact, their relationships with their customers are built on trust, and they take pride in offering the pure, clean seed that their customers demand.

Farmers who use Certified Seed know their crops are grown from performance-tested seed varieties that have undergone strict testing and third-party certification to ensure purity, quality and varietal identity. With Certified seed, you can trust that your chosen variety’s unique traits and quality characteristics are maintained from when the crop is seeded through to when it is harvested, transported, handled, processed, and shipped. This level of trust is essential in the agri-food sector, and Certified seed provides the foundation for reliable and consistent crop production.

When you #ChooseCertifiedSeed, you're not just buying a product but investing in trust and reliability.

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    Hear from Canadian farmers and learn why they choose Certified Seed for their farms.