Identity Assured

Identity Assured


The Promise of Genetic Identity, Varietal Purity, and Performance

When it comes to producing a successful crop, planting the best seed is essential. That’s why farmers choose Canadian Certified seed. Certified seed offers peace of mind, knowing that the seed has been thoroughly tested and certified by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to meet the highest varietal purity, germination, and quality standards.

With Certified seed, you can plant confidently, knowing you’re setting the foundation for a successful harvest.

Certified seed is a crucial foundation for Canada’s thriving seed and grain sectors, supporting the development of new, innovative varieties and enhancing our global reputation for high-quality seed and grain. The Canadian seed certification system delivers reliable, third-party assured seed through a rigorous certification process that includes advanced traceability features, ensuring that all Certified seed meets the highest quality and varietal purity standards.

Plant breeders have made significant scientific strides to improve the crops you grow. Innovation in plant breeding delivers higher-yielding varieties with improved agronomic traits, such as disease resistance, standability, drought and pest tolerance, to benefit your farm and bottom line. 

The genetic identity assurance provided by Certified seed is a critical aspect of modern agriculture. It enables farmers to ensure that the seeds they plant are true-to-type and retain all the unique traits and benefits that plant breeders develop. Certification also guarantees that the seed meets stringent quality standards for mechanical purity and germination and is free from prohibited weeds.

By using Certified seed, farmers get the performance traits of their chosen variety with reliable yields, regional adaptability, and enhanced disease and insect tolerance, reducing the risk of poor crop performance due to impurities.

Canada’s seed certification system is globally respected for its commitment to innovation and officially recognized third-party quality assurance, ensuring varietal purity, high germination, and freedom from harmful contaminants. Each seed crop is inspected by a CFIA-licensed crop inspector, ensuring varietal and mechanical purity. Seed is then cleaned and conditioned in CFIA-licensed Registered Seed Establishments (RSEs) and tested by seed analysts in CFIA-accredited seed labs to ensure it meets the high-quality standards of Certified seed. 

Farmers who #ChooseCertifiedSeed can rest assured that their crops are grown from seed of performance-tested varieties that have undergone strict testing and third-party certification to ensure purity, quality, and varietal identity. This identity assurance provides farmers and end-users with reliable products, consistent markets, and suppliers, ultimately leading to satisfied customers and end-users. 

That’s the power of Certified seed!

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